GMQL / DMQL - Model Query

With the Generic Model Query Language (GMQL) and the Diagramed Model Query Language (DMQL) two independent, yet both very powerful and flexible approaches to query conceptual models have been developed at our competence center. Using patterns like the ones in our catalogue of process weakness patterns or compliance patterns, analysis of conceptual models gets drastically simplified and can easily be automated.

GMQL is described in Delfmann et al. (2015b), with the full-text available here. GMQL is a functional language that uses operations graph-based algorithms to find paths and others structural patterns in a conceptual model. The functionality of GMQL can easily be demonstrated and tested using our meta modeling tool [εm], for which we provide a plugin that provides GMQL support. Please refer to our [εm] wiki for installation instructions and a tutorial how to get started.

In constrast to GMQL, DMQL uses a graphical approach where users can simply model the pattern on screen, which makes the creation of patterns much easier for domain experts. With the full-text being available here, DMQL is described in Delfmann et al. (2015a). Similarily to GMQL, we also provide a DMQL plugin for our meta modeling tool [εm]. Please refer to the dedicated page in our [εm] wiki for further information.



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